So You Want to Live in a Western

One of the most fun ways to go about making a house a home is decorating it in such a way that makes it entirely unique and appealing to you. One way to do that is to choose a theme you like and run with it. One of the most popular themes for certain restaurants and steak hours is the Western, but it’s not often that you walk into a friend’s home and step back in time to 1870. Transforming your home into a truly inspired scene from the Wild West will take a little more than western living room décor.

One of the first things you need to do is choose your color palette. Western décor involves a lot of colors from nature. Use natural themes and accents that involve clay and earth tones and the plants of the west, like the traditional cactus. Don’t let transforming your space overwhelm you, because something as simple as purchasing succulents and Native American inspired accent pieces can do the trick. Leather furniture, wrought iron hardware on cabinets and drawers, and woven baskets can set the stage for a western theme with relatively little work.

Hang western artwork up to complete your room. Old Westerners used wood, clay, bones, hides, and antlers as tools and building equipment. Use these things to fill the empty spaces on your walls and floors and let them inspire the rest of your decorating. Pull in some western scenery with paintings from artists like Georgia O’Keefe who loved using the Wild West as a source of inspiration and creativity.

western living room décor.

Use tools from the Old West as well. Old oil lanterns can be transformed into wall lights. Old wood can be used to create old furniture pieces like tables or shelves. Your source material for inspiration is pretty endless.