Nothing Says Romance Quite Like Flowers And We Have The Numbers To Prove It

Flowers can say absolutely anything you want them to. They are eloquent at saying I am sorry, they can ask questions, they can deliver hidden meanings too. It is rare that a bunch of flowers has no significance other than being nice to look at. Can you imagine signing the card ‘I thought these were pretty? Exactly.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, flowers have it covered

Romantic flowers sonoma reach their all-time annual high on the February 14th. According to Statistics Brain, we spend a staggering $13,290,000,000 on Valentine’s Day on average. Of the entire spend, 34.3% is spent on flowers. (More is spent on cards. 52% of the total is spent on cards. Which makes it as big as Christmas – think about that for a moment!)

Flowers have a variety of meanings

Before you send a bunch of flowers it is wise to check that they flower you’re choosing is in line with the message you want to send.

Romantic flowers sonoma

The Strelitzia reginae you probably know as the Bird of Paradise. It is a gorgeous flower which looks amazing and exotic, but its meaning is truth and fidelity, love and thoughtfulness. It makes it a great romantic offering, but you might not want to give it as a make-up flower after you have been caught out having an affair.

Flowers have a season

You might not know this, but tulips have a season. They are available in the spring when they arrive with a cheerful reminder that winter is almost over. If you’re buying them in November they are from a greenhouse, you can do it. But as they say to everything there is a season, you could let it be.