How to pick a new drum head

For musicians, a drum head is a covering that can amplify a drum’s natural sound and are useful when a set of drums have lost their punch. High-quality heads are useful for any and all drum sets, but like any other part of a musical instrument, not every head fits all.

They all have qualities and features that make one head better than the other for a certain type of drum set, a style of play, and even the type of sound that the drummer wants to be produced. As always looking at these facts can help the correct head be picked for the instrument.

Defining attributes

The heads that are hit by the drummer are called batter heads, and the type of construction is either a thinner single ply or layer or thicker double ply. Single ply produces a thinner sound and is often more durable than the louder but more fragile double heads. Depending on the type of music the drummer wants to be played, the selection can be important.

Other times, the muffling value is also important, with white and black drum heads muffling the sound better than other colors or a naked drum without coverings. Other drum heads have other methods of muffling excess sound and ensuring that the beat is kept.

Mesh drum heads

Silent drum heads.

Mesh drum heads are the same as others, but they are often called silent strokes because they produce almost no sound and allow players to silently practice patterns and songs while in a quiet environment. They’re definitely good for players with other family members in the house!

Regardless of what drum heads are chosen, they all have benefits for every level of player and can ensure that the drum is producing the level of sound the player wants.